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Diets Dont Work

Why Diets Don’t Work

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They reckon that by the age of 45 the average woman has been on 61 diets and will spend 31years of her life on a diet of some kind. Men are not far off with an average of 28years dieting. So we’re all getting thinner, right?
Clearly not, as statistics show that 30% of the world’s population is overweight or obese and at current rates it will be 50% by 2030. So what does this tell us?
First and foremost it must tell us that, in the long term, diets don’t work!
When you diet, especially those ‘Lose 6lbs in a Week’ kind of diets, your body recognises that less food is being consumed and goes into ‘famine’ mode. It produces an enzyme called Lipoprotein Lipase which helps to store extra fat, to be used in emergency (imminent death). You are now a super-efficient fat-storage machine. Lipoprotein remains in the body for up to 3 months, even after the perceived famine (diet) is over. As soon as you start eating normally again, the body sends it all straight to storage, making you fatter than before! And then to top it all, the body, to preserve that store of fat, will start to use the lean mass (muscles & bone) as its fuel – so the diet seems to have worked because you lose weight.
Less muscle & bone means the body needs less calories to keep it going which means, as soon as you stop your diet, weight goes on quicker than before. This is why so many people who have dieted repeatedly find they are eating less and less but still putting on weight.
Added to this, the body has a natural balance that, over time, becomes a default position. In other words, if someone has been overweight for some years, the body then accepts this state as ‘normal’ and will do anything it can to hold this status quo. So that, when they diet, they lose weight to begin with, but then the body will start to regain its status quo by slowing the metabolism and holding on to every calorie it can.
It works like the central heating system in your home; you set the heating to 20°C and the house warms up to that temperature. If you then open all the windows, the temperature will drop initially, but then the boiler comes on and works hard to push the temperature back up to 20°C. If you then close all the windows and put a fire on, the boiler turns itself off, continuing to keep the house at that 20°C. The only way to reduce the temperature of the house is to actually turn the thermostat down.
Hypnosis and NLP can help you to switch the ‘thermostat’ down by allowing your mind to begin to see the ‘thinner you’ as the ‘default’. It also helps to speed up the metabolism, encourage that ‘full’ feeling sooner, motivate you to enjoy movement, remove emotional eating from your life, encourage healthier eating and reduce cravings for sugary foods. Adding hypnosis to your weight loss regime has been shown, in research, to increase weight loss by an average of 97% and even more importantly increased the effectiveness long term by over 146%!

Deep in thought

Can Hypnotherapy help me with Cancer?

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How can hypnotherapy help with Cancer? For a start we are not suggesting that hypnosis will cure cancer and yet we can do much to help towards that end and much recent research suggests that your thinking can affect your health on a cellular and even genetic level.

If you consider some of the problems that hypnotherapy is known to help with you will start to see how we can help with Cancer: Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Insomnia, Pain, Self Confidence, Stress, even stopping Smoking…

Cancer is one of those illnesses that need to be treated holistically because it involves the mind, body and spirit of the patient. The doctors will focus on the body but a greater part of any possible cure is with the patient’s mind and spirit. Neither the doctors nor the treatments cure anything – the body itself does that. Take a moment to think about that. The body has produced this illness itself. No one ‘catches’ Cancer and, although there are things that will make it more likely that you get Cancer, none of them ‘give’ you Cancer. There are people who have  smoked all their lives who don’t get lung cancer, people who spend every day out in the sun, with little protection, who don’t get skin cancer and women who are genetically highly likely to get breast cancer who never do. It is something within the body which seems to flick that switch to produce cancerous cells. Conventional treatment is aimed at killing the cancerous cells. Is anyone working on flicking the switch back off?Otto Warburg quotes

There is now sufficient data to show that there is a connection between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. Simply put this means that stress and anxiety can lead to actual health changes, and vice versa. Hypnotherapy can work to reduce stress and anxiety, help speed recovery after chemotherapy, surgery etc. and provide guided visualisation of the immune system to help boost its effects.

Cancer and Regression Therapy

Some of the first thoughts and feelings people have when they are faced with a diagnosis of Cancer are “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this” “Am I going to die?” Anger and worry and sadness are natural reactions but they can hinder the healing process. I have found that Past Life Regression can be extremely helpful in coping with these worries and emotions.

This is part of the spiritual healing that can give patients a different perspective of their illness. Whether it is the understanding that Cancer is not a punishment for any wrongdoing, or the realisation that there is a purpose – and it is your purpose, your plan and your learning. As a part of palliative care it can help towards an acceptance of the cycle of life and death and, as part of the healing process, it can be enlightening to experience the realisation that you have lived befoGilda Radner Quotere, and may have connections with people you know in this life over one or many lifetimes.

Cancer touches nearly everyone’s life these days and I am no exception having lost both my parents and other beloved members of my family. For this reason I give concessionary rates to sufferers and will arrange to visit them where necessary.

Please Contact me if you or a loved one are suffering.